Virtual Hall for the B2B Nigeria 2021 National Economic Dialogue to open soon

B2B NAtional Dialogue

Today by 9:30 am to be precise, the Virtual Hall for the 2021 National Economic Dialogue of Business to Business (B2B) Nigeria will be open. B2B Nigeria is the foremost platform leading Science to Business (S2B) in Nigeria’s transition to a knowledge economy. Since 2015, B2B Nigeria has been facilitating reforms by engaging over 250 CEOs and mentoring over 500 professionals across the globe. Focusing on the global pandemic using Triple Helix Model as a retooling strategy for Nigeria’s National response shall be the goal of this year’s dialogue. We…

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6th National Economic Dialogue of B2B Nigeria

B2B National Economic Dialogue

In 8 days, we are pleased to host 8 foremost experts to interrogate our national COVID-19 Response. Prof. S.E.Bogoro, FAS as the Lead Panelist will discuss the benefits of institutionalization of R&D using the Triple Helix Model. Our Lead Panelist is an astute researcher of repute, Chief Executive officer of TETFUND, and Convener of the Research & Development Standing Committee. We are glad to have him lead the B2B Nigeria’s 6th National Economic Dialogue aimed at Retooling our national response strategy on COVID-19 in Nigeria. A new Nigeria is possible…

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70th Session B2B Nigeria

In 2 days, we are glad to welcome you at the 70th Session of B2B Nigeria. We are pleased to introduce our Guest Speaker at this session. Yemi Oluwakuyide is the Remittance Lead and Senior Responsible Officer for a £450M early stage investment facility in Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Prior to this, he was the Head of Finance and Resourcing at Joint Air Quality Unit in Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). He has extensive experience leading and managing complex projects and teams in fragile states.…

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Foliage Academy (Special Islamic School In Abuja) at B2B Nigeria 68th Session Peer Review

Foliage Academy at B2B Nigeria

Foliage Academy is passionate about knowledge and is bothered about the consequence of ignorance. “IGNORANCE DOES NOT STOP CONSEQUENCE”. Our school is a product of 25 years of commitment to complete and beneficial education. Foliage Academy’s mission is to discover, unleash, and fully develop the latent potential in the heart, mind, and body of every child that passes through the academy to make him/her unique. WATCH THE PEER REVIEW SESSION

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PRESENTED DURING THE 68TH SESSION OF B2B BY ANEEMAH GROUP TO MEMBERS OF B2B NIG. INTRODUCTION Nigeria is Canada’s second largest bilateral merchandise trading partner in SSA. In 2019 the total merchandise imports from Nigeria totaled $480.5 million. Canada’s main imports from Nigeria consists of Mineral fuels and oils, cocoa, rubber, lead, and processed foods. GET THE SLIDES

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B2B Nigeria

First Saturday of every month is our day @ B2B Nigeria. We thank God for the journey so far as we hold the 60th session on B2B Nigeria in the next 5days. 60 modules of business cum entrepreneurship education with Nigeria business cases in 5 years. As we end B2B Nigeria 1.0 and unveil B2B 2.0 on Saturday, join us and share this information widely. Be part of our success stories and let’s be your host for impactful solutions. Dr MAP is glad to welcome you.

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Business analytics is a new business technology that focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. It answers questions like: why is this happening? What if these trends continue? What will happen next (that is, predict)? and; what is the best that can happen (that is, optimize)? In the pursuit of the required strategic supports to cushion the effect of challenges being encountered by Nigeria business entrepreneurs, our firm started the BUSINESS ANALYTICS class in January, 2015 poised to mentor and coach…

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