Business analytics is a new business technology that focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods.

It answers questions like: why is this happening? What if these trends continue? What will happen next (that is, predict)? and; what is the best that can happen (that is, optimize)? In the pursuit of the required strategic supports to cushion the effect of challenges being encountered by Nigeria business entrepreneurs, our firm started the BUSINESS ANALYTICS class in January, 2015 poised to mentor and coach 50 business owners on the trending best practices by creating a platform ofBusiness-to-Business (B2B) networks over the next 2 years.

Our concept for the programme includes business skills priming, business meal, networking, peer review, experience/opportunity sharing, tools deployment, follow-up strategies, performance measurement and guest panelist session that happens every first Saturday of the month.

Our mission is to build the capacities of emerging entrepreneurs for global positioning using adaptive SMART tools and skills while visioning sustainable evolution of SMART business owners and leaders on the Africa continent Altogether, our goal is to create a hub and business ecosystem of key economic players to maximize the potentials of globalization on growing economies; and transit business leaders and owners from the state of unknown to certainty while focusing on the following specific objective:

Ÿ To equip 50 business leaders with the tools needed for global positioning over the next 2 years

Ÿ To develop a functioning and sustainable peer review platform for emerging businesses.

Ÿ To support the growth of business assets and turnover of our clients.

DELIVERABLES Our targets for a 12 calendar months include:

Ÿ 12 purpose driven content per annum

Ÿ 12 business meal time per annum

Ÿ 6 business analytics per annum

Ÿ 3 business residency consulting per annum

Ÿ Premium membership of our database.

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